SFR Brigade

Conquering the universe, one story at a time

History of the SFR Brigade

In 2008, a small group of Science Fiction Romances writers, authors and bloggers founded the original SFR Brigade site where they discussed exciting prospects, news, and agents and publishing houses who were SFR-friendly.

 After the smashing success of the December 2009 SFR Holiday Blitz, a multi-blog SFR book giveaway extravaganza organized by Heather Massey of The Galaxy Express blog with help from Laurie Green of the original SFR Brigade and Spacefreighters Lounge, Kimber An of Enduring Romance, and over a dozen participating authors and blogs, the idea of launching a dedicated SFR community was hatched. 

The SFR Brigade community was founded in mid-March 2010 with a launch date that coincided with the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart (R) finalists announcements on March 25th. SFR Brigade was founded by SFR writer Laurie Green, and a charter membership of SFR writers and authors including Sharon Lynn Fisher, Heather Massey, DL Jackson, Barbara Elsborg, Arlene Webb and Donna S. Frelick. In just over four weeks, the SFR Brigade exploded to nearly 100 members including author Linnea Sinclair, Jess Granger, Katherine Allred, Sara Creasy, Isabo Kelly, author and cover designer Nathalie Gray (aka Kanaxa), Kaye Manro, Sandra Stixrude, Charlie Allden, Leslie Dow, Vicky Burkholder, JC Hay, Melissa Aires, Laurel Wanrow, LL Rosser, Robert Appleton, Karin Shah, and writers and bloggers Liana Brooks, Kimber An, and many, many, many more.

Now the SFR Brigade represents a collective voice of SFR authors, writers, bloggers, fans and enthusiasts with a joint quest of exploring uncharted territories and creating and expanding SFR colonies in the big, wide publishing universe.