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SALEEYA STAYVEL, young, skilled, a true professional skilled in communication and culture comes from Kriton to aide in the meetings to save the known universe. Educated at the best Kriton universities, she's earned her position as the representative of The Council of Planets. On Xihirah to negotiate peace with the Realmist faction, Saleeya finds herself enthralled by the Prince of the Xihirian nation KAEL BRAEDEN. The Xihirian Prince, Admoncor Kael Braeden, is the head of Xihirian Military Elite Force. Kael is a Xihirian Alpha Prime Wolfton shifter and the next in line to his father's throne. Fierce, dangerous, and intuitive warrior he demands respect from those around him. Unmated, he's volatile and on edge, dissatisfied by his lack of a mate, he finds himself drawn inexplicably to Saleeya. Their romance is unanticipated in the middle of the universe's struggle for peace. Upon first seeing Saleeya, Kael recognizes she is his mate and avidly pursues her. Seduced by this alien, gorgeous, and dominate male Saleeya melts under his touch. Kael's alien sexual magnetism claims her as his own. In the midst of their turbulent courtship, Saleeya finds herself the focus of one of the Realmists most dangerous men. Kidnapped, tormented, she relies on the shared skills of her mate and the Xihirian world to save herself and her lover. Now, faced with the violent truth, Kael and Saleeya must work together to build on their love while protecting the royal family and the universe against the insanity of a terrorist group that reviles them.

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