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PLEASE NOTE: This website is in the process of being archived, but the SFR Brigade is alive and well and very active on Facebook. If you're an SFR Brigade writer or author and would like to request to join, please click "SFR Brigade FB Group" at right and request membership to the group.
We're a community of over 700 Science Fiction Romance writers, authors, bloggers, professionals and fans joining together to give this dynamic genre a collective voice. 

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The SFR Brigade

Conquering the Universe...One Story at a Time 

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Membership Goals

 By December 31, 2014:

500 members on the SFR Brigade FB Group Page

317 as of 1/01/14

428 as of 5/03/14

487 as of 7/07/14

500 ~ GOAL ACHIEVED! 7/16/14 

December 31, 2015 Goal: 1,000 Members 


1,000 members on the SFR Brigade FB Fan Page

663 as of 1/01/14

792 as of 5/03/14

959 as of 7/07/14

998 as of 7/16/14 

1000 ~ GOAL ACHIEVED 7/17/14 

December 31, 2015 Goal: 2,500 fans 


SFR Brigade title banner courtesy of author Linnea Sinclair. 

SFR Brigade Member badge courtesy of cover artist Kanaxa.